Starting midway through September 2020, NNU will be switching to a new wireless broadcast system. This change means that all users (Students, Faculty, and Staff) will need to re-connect to NNU WiFi using the following documented steps. This new system will allow for easier connection and management of devices on the NNU network.

In short, NNU-Wireless and NNU-Visitor will be going away and will be replaced with NNU Wireless and NNU Visitor (Note, no hyphen). Additionally, a new broadcast will appear called NNU Onboarding.

If you are experiencing issues and need assistance, please feel free to contact the IT Services Help Desk by calling 208.467.8111 or sending an email to


Provide steps that the user can take to solve the problem. For example "The level 7 printer will flash red when it is out of paper. Add paper to tray 1".

First and foremost, all users must connect to NNU Onboarding
  1. Open your WiFi settings and connect to NNU Onboarding
  2. A browser window should open and you will automatically be routed to a login page

    If you are not automatically routed to the login page, open a browser (preferable Chrome) and navigate to

    1. Check the box to agree to NNU's Network Terms & Conditions
  3. Click Start
  4. Type in your NNU network username and password (Your MyNNU Portal/Canvas credentials), click Continue
  5. The following steps will change for Students and Employees, please follow the instructions listed below under the appropriate category.