Before You Start

  1. Make sure you have your phone.  (Do you have an AndroidApple iPhone, or Windows Phone)

Add Your NNU Account

  1. Go to in a web browser (Chrome or Firefox is recommended).  Click the Login button.

    Presently you need to opt-in to have your account enabled for two-step authentication. Please submit a ticket or call ITS at (208) 467-8111.

  2.  Enter your NNU username and password.
  3. You will be prompted with a setup notification.  Click Start Setup
  4. Select Mobile phone.
  5. Enter your cell phone's number (the one you are using with DUO).  Hit Continue.
  6. Select Other.  Hit Continue.
  7. At this screen click Continue to Login unless you want to add another login option. (Change pic)
  8. Select Call Me.
  9. When you receive a phone call, press any key to verify.
  10. Done!