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What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-Factor Authentication, also known as Two-Two, adds another layer of security to your NNU account (i.e., Canvas, my.nnu.edu, etc.) or Google Apps (Gmail) account by adding a second method of confirming your identity.

The recommended method for Two-Factor authentication uses your cell phone.

It is important to understand that the security of two-factor is secure only when used to authorize yourself. If you are not logging into a system, DO NOT select "Accept."

For more info see: Why Two-Factor Authentication?

How Does Two-Factor Authentication Work?

If you are not logging in, DO NOT hit "Accept." The two-factor system is secure only when you verify yourself. 

For more info see: How does Two-Factor Authentication Work?

Where Do I Start?

Currently, we are implementing separate two-factor systems for your NNU account and your Google Apps (Gmail) account.  Your NNU account will use DUO and your Google Apps will use Google's Two-Factor system.  

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I have more questions...

Visit: Two-Factor FAQ