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Every year, you will be asked to change your passwords for all of the NNU systems. The network system login updates do not roll over to the CARS-CX/JX database. Those passwords are maintained only within the CARS-CX/JX system. As we prepared the user community for the new password requirements, the user community requested a complex password formula to keep the databases full of private information as secure as possible. The following is a list of the formula you should use when prompted to change your CARS-CX/JX password:

  • Must start with a letter
  • Must contain upper and lower case letters
  • Should not be a recognizable word
  • Should not be part of your name or username
  • Must contain a number and a special character (*&%$#@!,)
  • Must be between eight and sixteen characters long

You cannot recycle old passwords or build upon a prior password (as in Levi123, Levi124, Levi125). When your password does not pass the requirements, you will see some error explanations in the screen. Here are some password examples and the error messages that will accompany the warnings:

-Password: Apple
o BAD PASSWORD: it is based on a dictionary word
-Password: Applefirst123
o BAD PASSWORD: it is too simplistic/systematic
-Password: FirsttimeCharm123
o BAD PASSWORD: is too simple
-Password: Asdfggfdsa
o BAD PASSWORD: is a palindrome
-Password: apple
o BAD PASSWORD: it is too short
-Password: Ph36callapple!23
o BAD PASSWORD: contains the user name in some form
-Password: Aaaapple!23
o BAD PASSWORD: contains too many same characters consecutively
-Password: Appleelppa
o BAD PASSWORD: it does not contain enough DIFFERENT characters
-Password: Isthisagoodpassword!
o BAD PASSWORD: it is based on a dictionary word or words

Password lockouts: If you have nine incorrect attempts in 20 minutes, you will be locked out. Once locked, wait 20 minutes to try again. After that you have one try every 20 minutes to type in a correct password. If you enter it correctly once, it will reset the number of tries you have. If you enter it incorrectly, you will have to wait another 20 minutes to try again. If you need help resetting your password and starting the password change process over again, make a ticket at, using "I need help with CARS-CX", and a member of the CX team will work with you on the issue.