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Gmail Confidential Mode is a great way to protect sensitive information that is being shared via email.

How to use Confidential Mode

When composing a new email in your NNU Gmail inbox:
  1. At the bottom of the message, select the icon that looks like a lock with a clock
  2. A dialog box will appear and allow you to set an expiration date for the message and will also require the recipient to use a "Google-generated passcode."
  3. The user will need to retrieve a passcode, either through their email or from SMS text message.
  4. If using SMS passcode, you must know the phone number of the recipient and enter it
  5. When the recipient receives the email, they will get prompted to "Send Passcode" to the telephone number you provided when sending the message. Google obfuscates the first several digits, so the recipient doesn't know the entire phone number. There is no way for the recipient to change the phone number or choose another method to verify their identity.
  6. If you don't know the recipients cell phone number and choose No SMS Passcode, when the individual opens the message, they will need to request a passcode, which is sent to their email address. Here is an example of that message:
  7. Once the recipient has a passcode, they use that code to view the content of the message for the length of time you set on the message (day, week, month, etc.).

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