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There has been a recent increase of reports from local residents about receiving phone calls from an NNU extension on their caller ID. When answered, the call turns out to be a telemarketer and not NNU. The Better Business Bureau calls these "Neighbor Spoofing", and it is not uncommon at all. The telemarketer's main goal is to just get someone to answer their phone, then the spiel begins.

The Federal Trade Commission recommends that you report these nuisance phone calls, and you can report unwanted text messages as well. Check their site here:

The Better Business Bureau also has recommendations on their web site,

Handling Repeat Nuisance Calls with MiCollab Software (Campus Phones)

At this time, we cannot block spoofed phone calls but you can divert calls from specific phone numbers so you don't even see them ring in.  They can go straight to your Voice Mail.

Open MiCollab Client on your desktop. If you have never set up this software, your username is your network username BUT your password is unique to this software. If you do not know your password, let us know through a ticket (, and your password will be reset.

After you login, the program should look a bit like this example.

Where the status box is showing, click the drop down box and choose "Manage Statuses".

In the next screen, press "More Options" to see the routing options for incoming calls.

At this point, you can add a phone number to the list of call routing rules. Press "Add" and put in the number then route it directly to your Voice Mail. Selecting "Immediately" makes the call miss your desk phone completely. It goes straight to your Voice Mail instead. You can delete voicemails easily from your Voice Mail Inbox.

Future editions of MiCollab will offer other features.  As soon as there is a better way to handle nuisance phone calls, we will let the campus know.