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Google has recently updated Google Calendar and here’s what you need to know!

You may have noticed that when you log into your NNU gmail on a computer that you have a little blue button in the top right that says “Use new Calendar” (See screenshot below).

Upon clicking the button the page will refresh and you will see Google’s new design for Calendar! This is a major upgrade and while majority of the functionality is the same, some things have shifted location and there are some really cool new features available!

(Image source)

A great new feature is rich formatting and hyperlinks within Calendar invites! This will let you add a lot more detail and design to your invite so that attendees can access information easier.

Also, with the new “Day” view option, you can now see people’s calendars side by side in different columns as opposed to all events being merged. This is great when you follow a lot of calendars and want to see things more clearly. This feature is something former Outlook users will recognize and appreciate that Google has taken the time to implement!

Please keep in mind that this design change will eventually come to all NNU Gmail users. We are excited about this new change and hope it will make your Google Calendar experience even better than before!

For more information on the change, please check out Google’s articles on the new design:

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