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Welcome to the first Tech Tip Tuesday! This is where we provide you with quick tips about technology! Be sure to stop by each Tuesday for a new tip!

Today we will be talking about an under-utilized tool within the Windows operating system. We all probably know how to take screenshots, chances are your keyboard has a Screenshot button! But that captures your entire screen, and that can sometimes be too much. You then have to save the screenshot, open it in an image editor, and crop it to the size you want. Did you know that Windows has a more powerful, and free, screenshot tool for you? It’s called Snipping Tool and it’s about to become your favorite little tool!

To get started, open your Start Menu and type Snipping Tool. This application lets you capture your screen in many different shapes and sizes! It features four different types of snips:

  • Free-form: Draw any shape around an object

  • Rectangular: Drag the cursor to form a rectangular shape

  • Window: Select a single window (Browser, Windows Explorer, etc) to capture

  • Full-screen: Like pressing the Screenshot button on your keyboard, capturing your entire screen

Snipping Tool even lets you delay the time before a screenshot is taken! This is especially helpful for those tricky windows or messages that disappear after a few seconds!

After taking a snip, you can review it and even draw on your screenshot with the pen or highlighter tool! Snipping Tool also lets you save your new screenshot in PNG, GIF, and JPEG file formats!

Snipping Tool is sure to make your presentations or documentation look cleaner and more professional! Give it a try and we guarantee you will love it!

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