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Frequently asked questions about NNU's wireless network!

Q: How do I connect my gaming devices and smart TV to the new wireless network?

A: These devices can be connected to the hidden NNU Gaming network broadcasted in the dorms. Call us or email to get the connection details!

Q: Can furniture and appliances block wireless signals?

A: Yes! With the new wireless units installed in each dorm room, please make sure that nothing is directly in front of the unit. Things like microwaves can be especially detrimental to wireless signal strength.

Q: How do I know if the new dorm wireless units are working?

A: Each unit has two lights on the front of them; these lights can be seen behind the "Ethernet Ports" sticker. Are both of these lights lit on your unit? Are they both green? If the answer is no, submit a help ticket, and we can help!

Q: Do I still need to request that my dorm room ethernet ports be activated?

A: Nope! All ports on the new WiFi units should be active by default, but if one is not working please let us know!