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You may listen to your voicemails remotely in two different ways:

  • Dial your desk phone number from another phone.
  • When you hear your greeting start, you can interrupt it by pressing * (Star)
  • You will be prompted for your voicemail passcode (PIN).
  • After keying your PIN in, you will be in your voicemail.
  • Follow the prompts to listen, delete, or return the call.
  • If you are calling from a phone to which your calls are forwarded, you should dial 208-467-8989, then enter your extension. Press * (Star) when you hear your voicemail begin, then enter you PIN as prompted. Follow the prompts for the rest of the steps.**

** If you would like your voicemails sent to your email as an attachment mp3 file, make a ticket on This will allow you to listen to your messages on any device on which you can check email and hear mp3 files.

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