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The NNU Virtual Private Network (VPN) is ONLY for NNU managed laptops and NNU employees. 


One of the ways we control access at NNU from off-campus is through a secure “Virtual Private Network” connection (VPN).  A VPN is a secure way of connecting remotely to NNU’s central network as if you are “virtually” on-campus. Here is how to get set up to connect remotely using NNU's VPN.

VPN Instructions

1. Supervisors must submit a VPN request on behalf of the employee to IT Services.
2. Once approval is granted, download and install the NNU VPN Client.

  • Navigate to (type in the whole thing).
  • Enter your NNU username and password and log in
  • Complete two-factor authentication
  • Download the appropriate version of FortiClient for your computer

3. To install, you must have Admin rights. Run the NNU Tool (may also be called MakeMeAdmin) installed on your computer (Tool only available on Windows computers)

4. Click Grant Me Administrator Rights, enter your NNU credentials when prompted

5. Run FortiClient, enter your NNU credentials and press Connect

6. When the login process pauses half-way (about 45%), it wants you to use two-factor authentication. Check your two-factor device, there should be a prompt waiting

7. FortiClient will minimize to the toolbar when it successfully connects

8. When you are finished using the VPN, remember to open it and Disconnect