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Conference calls on our desk and conference phones are best if done for no more than 4 parties on the phone and work well if you call the parties to connect them. If you are connecting more than four persons to a call or if you need a way to have people call in, it is best to use our NNU Meeting One account set up for this.

Meeting One charges a small fee per minute per caller, but it is worth it if you have a very important call coming up. Contact the IT Office for Meeting One information,, or create a ticket on

For a regular transfer, conference or monitored call, follow these guidelines: When a call comes into your phone and you answer it, you can answer then transfer, then hang up. Another option is to remain on the line as a conference caller. A third way is to remain on the line to listen to how the call is handled, but you will need to let the caller know that there is a 3rd-party on the line for training purposes.

To Transfer a Call

When a call rings to your phone and you answer it, you can press the Trans/Conf button in the upper right corner of the display.

You can also press the Transfer/Conference button on the keypad.

Both of these actions put your incoming call on hold while you dial the phone number to which you want to transfer your call. You can either transfer to an on-campus extension by dialing the last four digits, or you can transfer to an outside phone number by dialing 9 plus the 10 digit local number. We prefer that you not transfer to a long-distance phone number if possible. This will cause a long-distance charge.

When you have dialed the number to which you want to transfer, you can either hang up or press Release Me to get off the call and complete the transfer.

To Conference a Call

The first steps for conferencing a call are the same as transferring a call. At the point where you press Trans/Conf, the incoming call is put on hold while you dial the number you want to conference in. When the other party answers, press Conference to stay on the line during the conference call.

When you press Conference, you will hear some beeps and then all parties are connected. If you are simply monitoring the call, you can press the Mute button to keep outside noises from interfering. At any time during the conference call, one person can hang up and the other two parties will continue to be connected.

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