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When you have a suspicious email, please do not forward it to the ITS, but take the following steps:
  1. Open the original email (it has to be the one you received).
  2. At the top of the email window by the "Reply" arrow, click the dropdown arrow.
  3. Select "Show Original" -- 4th selection from the bottom.
  4. Copy all of the text that is now revealed and paste it into a ticket for the ITS at Explain details, such as the date that you received it, and who it said it was from. 
  5. We will be able to decipher if this email is legit or if it is a scam meant to deposit trojans or malware on your computer. We can also see how they spoofed an email or if they are trying to copy your email address book so it can reproduce itself with your name.

Another step you can take!

You can mark the email as spam by clicking the box by the email in your Inbox   and then clicking on the exclamation point icon above the Inbox.  This will alert Google to be on the lookout for this suspicious email so their servers can block it, too.

We HIGHLY recommend that you enact 2-Step Authentication on your email account, so that if your email password is discovered, your account has a second layer of protection. For more on this, go to this how-to page from Google: 

Do you have more questions?

You may contact IT Services Help Desk at 208-467-8111 or create a ticket on
Thanks for always using caution when you suspect phishing attempts.