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Your NNU username and password are tied into many different services.  The following steps will help you complete the password reset process.

 NNU Password Requirements

  • Starting with a letter is best (upper or lower case)
  • Must be at least 14 characters long
  • Cannot contain any part of your username
  • Old passwords cannot be reused
  • It may only be changed once per day
  • It must contain the following:
    • Uppercase letters
    • Lowercase letters
    • Numbers OR Symbols - Symbols can consist of *&^%$#@!)( ?.,   but we suggest avoiding < > and forward slashes / if possible.

If you need help logging in or resetting your password please call the ITS Help Desk at x8111 or 208-467-8111.

If you need to change your password now, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and click Change if you know your current password or click Reset if you have forgotten your password. Click Unlock if your account is locked. Follow the steps that follow.
  2. Computer password:
    1. If you are on a desktop computer on campus, your password should automatically update right away after you change it.
    2. If you are on a laptop, connect your computer to a network cable and port and restart your computer.  Log in with your new password.
  3. NNU-Wireless connection password:
    1. Laptops - Open your wireless settings and remove the NNU-Wireless connection profile.  Re-add the NNU-Wireless by connecting to it again with your username and new password.
    2. iPhone/iPad - Open Settings and click on WiFi.  Click on NNU-Wireless and then click Forget this Network. Once it goes back to scanning for wireless networks, select NNU-Wireless and enter your username and new password.
    3. Android based phones and tablets - Open Settings->Wireless & networks->Wifi settings and click on NNU-Wireless.  Click Forget. Follow further steps for Androids in this document, Wireless for Android Based Phones and Tablets.
  4. Reset your Gmail password by following the steps in this article.