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NNU ID cards are used for building access, meal plans, chapel credit, and more.  Your ID card is fragile so be careful not to punch holes through it, bend it, or damage it with a magnet.  Card protectors can be purchased at the NNU bookstore.  Your first card is free but a fee is charged for replacements.

If you have lost your card, please search carefully before buying a replacement.  If the original card is found, it cannot be reactivated.  NNU ID cards are issued by IT Services in the Learning Commons. 




First Card


Additional  Replacements


NNU ID Card FAQ’s:

Q:  My card won’t scan at the Dex, what can I do?

A:  Bring your card to IT Services and we can assess if it needs to be activated or replaced.  If there is no issue with the card, we will direct you to Student Development to ensure your account has been granted the correct meal plan.


Q:  Why can’t I get into my dorm or a campus building with my card?

A:  You may not have the right permissions to enter certain buildings.  See Campus Safety for building access.


Q:  I only punched a small hole in my card but now it won’t work. What can I do?

A:  NNU ID cards have a complex chip inside them and any hole will damage the card.  A replacement card can be purchased at IT Services.


Q:  I looked horrible at orientation when my picture was taken, can I get a new picture?

A:  You can take a new picture in IT Services, but will need to pay the replacement fee to have a new card printed out.


Q:  I just bought a replacement card but found my old ID card. Can I use both?

A:  You can only have one card activated.  If you bought a replacement, then that card is activated.  Old cards cannot be reactivated after a new card has been issued.


Employees that have a Sodexo meal plan will need to let Sodexo know their ID card change (the encoded number on the card). Their system needs to be updated manually when a change occurs.