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Before You Move...

Always contact the office of IT Services before moving any technology equipment. You can create a ticket on Select Equipment Move from the “Class” dropdown box. If you are okayed to move your own equipment the following steps will help you move phones and computer equipment. (Please note the instructions at the bottom for printers.) If you plan to move your own equipment, please observe the following tips:

  • Before unplugging a computer, make sure it has been properly shut down.
  • Use labels to identify the cables and cords and where they are plugged in before unplugging them. If there is a whole office moving to a new location, identify the user’s name on the equipment and cables.
  • Unplug all the cables from the back of the computer and then keep them together with the computer and monitor. When coiling an ethernet cable, be careful to never kink it or force it to bend sharply. This will damage it.
  • Be very careful when moving flat panel monitors. Do not allow the screen to come in contact with any hard or sharp object. They scratch easily. If you doubt your ability to move these items, request help from the ITS Help Desk.
  • Be careful with the phones as they are quite expensive and the screen can be easily damaged. Take care that the handset or headsets are not able to drop and hit the ground or floor as you move the phones. The components in these can be damaged in this way.
  • When unplugging a phone, you may keep all the parts together by just unplugging the ethernet cable and power cable at the wall and then carefully coiling them up. If there is a power adapter on the phone, keep the ethernet cables attached so you will know how to set it up in the new location.
  • DO NOT MOVE ANY PRINTERS FOR ANY REASON! Network ports are configured for specific printers, and moving printers will result in a printer not working properly. Also, if a warrantied printer is damaged in a move, it may nullify the warranty. Contact IT Services before a printer is moved. We will be happy to assist.


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