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    From the top screen on the touchpad, there isn't an indicator to show if your job is needing your assistance to complete it.  If you try to print or make copies and nothing happens, you need to access the device to check.  Here is how.
  1. Present card at the MFD reader (you should hear a beep).

  2. Select Access Device in the center.
  3. In the next screen you will confirm your identity and press another Access device button.

  4. Next, you will see the copy screen.  If printing, check the Job Status button.  If it is flashing, you may need to load paper or change paper types.

  5. If simply copying, select your copy settings and quantities and hit the START button.  (The blue light flashes beside the START button when all is ready for copying.)

    1. If you see a flashing orange button beside the yellow button labeled FUNCTION CLEAR, it is just warning you that the machine automatically logs you out after 90 seconds if you don't press any buttons. 
    2. You can quickly get back to the home screen by pressing the "1" button. You can log out by pressing the button with a key and person, or swipe your card again.  You can also just let the screen automatically time out.