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DUO is used to protect your NNU account (i.e., Canvas,, etc.).  It requires something you know (your password) and requires something else that you have (a phone or login device) that tells the system it is really you trying to login.


We recommend that you use the Duo smartphone app as the 2nd step for login authentication for all of your NNU Accounts: Email, Canvas, Portal, Library, Docusign, etc. You can opt for a phone call to a cell phone if it is not a smartphone.


We also recommend that you take the time to put 2-step login authentication on your other non-NNU accounts. It just makes sense: Facebook, Dropbox, Banking, etc.


To walk through the instructions step by step, select the type of device you will be using as your 2-step device.


Mobile Apps (recommended)



Windows Phone





Other Methods

Phone Call

Soft Token

Hard Token

Universal 2nd Factor Device

Remember me for 30 days option

As you are setting up your 2-step authentication, you may notice the checkbox for "Remember me for 30 days." This allows you to save your login confirmation in the browser settings for 30 days. This is only good on the same browser for 30 days. If you are in Chrome when you set up the 30-day option, but for some reason you login on Firefox on the same computer, you may have to use the 2-step authentication again to login. If you go to a different computer and login on portal or Canvas in the Chrome browser, you may again have to do the 2-step authentication because you are not remembered on that computer on that browser.