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As you become accustomed to work or study at NNU, you begin to realize you can use the same user name and password on some web pages and software apps, but many 3rd-party apps require their own password. After a while, it gets overwhelmingly hard to remember or even create new passwords! Thankfully, Googe has a tool that can help!

Google Password Manager to the Rescue!

By default, the Chrome Password Keeper is "on" when you log in on your NNU account. The official site for this password "vault" is When you go to a website that uses a password, it will automatically prompt you to save it in the password vault. You can say yes or no. We recommend saving passwords for the sites for which you use for your NNU email address or user name, as in George Washington using gwashington or

Of course, you can turn off the password manager anytime you want. This can be helpful if you already use a browser-based password manager, such as LastPass.

Not only does the Chrome extension remind you to save a backup of the password, but it also lets you know if the password is weak or has shown up in a data breach that exposed your credentials on the dark web.

We do NOT require you to use the Google Password Manager at this time, so if you use a different password manager, that is okay. In the future, we may move to a more centralized solution. In the meantime, don't store passwords on slips of paper under your keyboard or in a notebook by your monitor marked "Passwords".

Need more information? Check out the Google site yourself,