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There are at least two ways to forward your desk phone, but the easiest way is to use the "Forward" button on your phone display as pictured.

Using the Forward button to redirect your incoming calls
On your desk phone display, press "Forward To"  

You will see *64 at the top usually. Dial the number to which you want to forward future incoming calls. If it is a campus extension, you only need to enter the last four digits. If it is Voice Mail, enter 1800. If it is an outside number, dial 9+area code+the number. (Please do not forward calls to a long distance number.)

When you have dialed the number, you will hear a stuttered dial tone and the Fwd On/Off button will light up. You will also see a forwarding symbol in the upper left part of the display. To take it off of forwarding, press the Fwd On/Off toggle button.

To turn off Forwarding: The phone memory stores the last number you used for forwarding calls with the Fwd On/Off button, so if you press FWD ON/OFF again later, your calls will be directed to the last number you used for forwarding. To change your forwarding back to voicemail for times you are not available, press the Forward To button, then input 1800. You will hear a stuttered dial tone.  The FWD ON/OFF button will be on. Press it once to turn it off so regular calls will come to the deskphone, but if  you are not available, calls will go to voicemail for you.
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