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This method of faxing at NNU is only available to Staff and Faculty on the NNU campus network.

Faxing with the Multi-Tech Fax Server

The Fax server at NNU is set up so users do not have to download drivers or do anything extra to access it.  It is available on the Internet when users are on campus.

Getting Started 

  • First, prepare your fax document. It must be a .tiff, .pdf, .txt., .tif, or .ps file.  Save it in a location where you can attach it later. 
  • Using a web browser, type in the URL: You may see a security certificate error.  Although we want you to be careful of these kinds of warnings, in this instance it is okay to click “Advanced."  In Internet Explorer, you can click "Continue." 
  • You should next see the login screen for MultiTech FaxFinder Fax Server.  Log in with your NNU network credentials.  See the special note below!

NOTE: Your login name is case-sensitive in this system, so some users may need to sign-in with part of their user name capitalized.  For example, George Washington might log in as gwashington on all other NNU systems, but on the fax server, he may need to log in as GWashington.

  • On the next screen, you will see a menu and a server status screen.  Click on the left side menu, "Send Fax."

Fax Info 
  • There are nested windows that you need to select so you can customize your sender and recipient information.  First, click on Sender Information.  Only your name and email address are carried over from our system into the form, so complete your other info as needed.
  • Click on Recipient Information.  You can choose to simply add a new contact, add a contact and save that person’s info in your fax recipient list, choose a previously saved contact, and create and save a recipient in a group.  Most of us just want to add a new recipient one time.
  • When inputting the phone number, you do not need to include the 9 for an outside line.  For a local number, enter the 10-digit local number including the area code.  For long distance, enter 1 plus the area code and number. 
  • After choosing or completing the recipient information, click on Add Recipient to attach their info to this fax session.  They will be listed in the recipient line below this box.  You can delete that recipient and enter another recipient or add more than one recipient at a time if needed.

Cover Page 

You may choose a cover page template or simply create your cover page as part of your document.  The templates carry your sender info into them automatically but there is no preview.

Attach the Fax 

Click "Browse" to attach your document prepared in the first step.  Choose it and it will show up in the attachment area.  You may choose more than one document at a time.


  • Under Options, choose Email Fax Receipt and set to Always.  You will receive an email when your fax is sent, and it will include a copy of the page you faxed, time and date it was sent, recipient info, and your sender info.  Offices often need this confirmation later when asked if they sent documents.
  • Click Send Fax.

Sending and Checking Status 
On the left blue menu buttons, click Status & Logs. Select Fax Status to see if your fax is negotiating the system okay. Allow it to go through all of the steps. It is set to try three times, in case the recipient fax number is busy. If it tries three times and fails, you will receive the email failure notice.  You could try dialing the fax number yourself to see if you get a busy signal, a fax tone, or a wrong number message.  Sometimes faxes are just very busy, and you have to keep trying. If the number is wrong or the fax tone is not present, call your recipient and see if the fax number to which you are sending is correct. If so, let them know something is wrong with their fax.

When a fax is finished sending, click on the Outbound Fax Log to verify the status. The log will store the faxed document for a few days to retrieve it if needed.