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All of these lookup tools are fast and efficient!

Use the All Campus Extension List: : A Google document is shared with all NNU employees. You can find it on Google Drive with the link to the right. If you see an error on the list or someone is not on it, please send an email with the correct information to Sarah Downey,


Use the NNU web page: For a general office phone number, you can refer to the NNU web page at


Use the portal lookup directory: Go to and log in. Click on the employee tab, and then click the Employee Directory link. (It looks like the icon to the right.) Type a first or last name, or even a department.


Use MiCollab on your NNU desktop: This is a very up-to-date way to find someone. When a phone number is assigned to an employee and this directory synchronizes, you can find the extension or name in the MiCollab Client. If you have never logged in on MiCollab or your login has stopped working, please put in a ticket and we will get your login set up or reset.

If you've never used this tool before, refer to this knowledge base article to learn how to use it.


Use the "Phone Book" option on your desk phone display. Press Phone Book, then put in the first few letters of someone's last name. (Press keys 2-9 on your keypad repeatedly to get the right letter to display in the lookup.) Press Lookup to find names. You can select a name and dial from this function as well.