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Here are some things to consider before submitting a ticket:

  • Did your device work previously or did it just recently stop working? When did you first notice the issue? Did anything change between when it was working and now?
  • Does the network connectivity icon in your system bar turn solid?
  • What device are you trying to connect with?
    • Are you able to connect with any other devices at the same location?
  • Where are you trying to connect from?
    • Can you connect with the problem device anywhere on campus?
    • Does the device connect in the Learning Commons?
  • How often do you experience this particular connectivity issue? Several times per hour, a few times per day, or a few times per week?
  • What does a speed test read? (
  • Have you noticed any patterns (times, places) where the problem occurs?
  • What IP address is your device giving you?
    • ITS can help you find this information if you call us at 208-467-8111.

We strive to keep the NNU wireless network functioning reliably. It covers the entire campus, but there may be areas of weak signals. There are over 100 access points and over 1,000 devices connected at any given time. If you feel your device is not connecting correctly, we invite you to come to the Learning Commons Service Desk for hands-on assistance with your device. Please submit a ticket if you experience issues in specific areas of campus. In your ticket, please submit as much of the information above as you can.