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To access your N: and S: Drives from off-campus:

  • Go to: and then click the link:  Network Files under Helpful Links

This link will let you access your N: (Userdata) Drive and your S: Drive and allow you to retrieve your documents. 

  • Enter your Active Directory username and password (this should be the same as the new password you specified in Windows).


  • Navigate the left-hand folder tree and find the files you need
  • Right Click and Click Download
  • When you have finished updating files, please remember to RE-UPLOAD your new documents so they are accessible to others


  • Files need to be downloaded, not opened.
  • Files can then be uploaded after worked on from our local computer.
  • If you choose a folder or multiple files, they will be zipped prior to download.
  • Does not work while on the NNU VPN