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Wherever the new WiFi is installed, you will see a broadcast on your device called NNU Nighthawks. To connect to NNU Nighthawks, follow the connection instructions below.

Since the Information Technology teams are continuing the rollout of this upgrade, some campus locations will still see a stronger NNU Wireless broadcast signal, so don't delete that network from your device just yet. As you go across campus, whichever network has the strongest broadcast should automatically pick up connections to your devices, but if not, just change connections as needed. Your device will remember the connection credentials.

Students or employees:  If you are connecting a personal device for the first time and have not yet changed your first-time network password, you must use a campus computer to login and change your password. The wireless system will not accept temporary passwords, but once you have taken this first step, you can proceed with the steps below that apply to your device.

For Macs, iPhones or iPads

  1. Open your wireless settings
    1. On Macs, click the network icon in the upper right-hand corner next to the clock.
    2. On iPhone/iPad open the Setting app and select Wi-Fi
  2. Click NNU Nighthawks
  3. Enter your NNU username and password and click Join
  4. Click Continue to accept the certificate (Click "Trust" for iPhones/iPads)
  5. (Macs only) Enter the password for your personal Mac and click OK.

 iPhone/iPad Screenshots

For Android devices:

  1. Choose "NNU Nighthawks" from the available wireless access points
  2. Set EAP method to “PEAP
  3. Set Phase 2 authentication to “MSCHAPV2"
  4. Enter your NNU username in the "Identify" field
  5. Leave the "Anonymous" field blank
  6. CA Certificate: Do Not Check/Validate (Pixel/Google Phone Users, see special note below)
  7. Enter your NNU password in the "Password" field
  8. Click "Connect/Save"

 Android WiFi Screenshots

 Pixel/Google Phone Users

Unfortunately, due to some security changes implemented by Google, phones such as the Google Pixel will not be able to connect to NNU Nighthawks. Typically, this error will occur when you try to connect and cannot select "Do not validate/check certificate."

If you have one of these devices and are having difficulty connecting, please submit a ticket and our team can provide you with a Wireless Guest Pass until a time when another solution is implemented. We apologize for this inconvenience

New WiFi Location List

Last updated 6/29/21



CorlettComplete (tick)
CulverComplete (tick)
DooleyComplete (tick)
FordComplete (tick)
KirkeideComplete (tick)
MapleComplete (tick)
OlsenComplete (tick)
SutherlandComplete (tick)

Admin/Educational Buildings


AdmissionsComplete (tick)
Alumni HouseComplete (tick)
Brandt CenterComplete (tick)
Conrad CommonsComplete (tick)
EmersonComplete (tick)
ESWCComplete (tick)
Fine ArtsComplete (tick)
HelstromComplete (tick)
Johnson Sport CenterComplete (tick)
Learning CommonsComplete (tick)
Little TheaterComplete (tick)
Old Student CenterComplete (tick)
ThomasComplete (tick)
Wellness CenterComplete (tick)
WileyComplete (tick)
Williams HallComplete (tick)
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