Blog from August, 2022

Quick Summary

In 2021, Google launched Time Insights, a feature that gives you the ability to better understand how you’re spending your time in Google Calendar. You can now categorize your time by naming and assigning a corresponding color label to an event within Time Insights in Calendar

We hope this customizable breakdown feature will allow you to track time spent on specific activities or strategic areas, such as project work, staff meetings, or meetings with specific colleagues and stakeholders. 

Quick Summary

In Google Docs, you can now assign a checklist item to yourself or a colleague that will then show up in the assignee’s Tasks list. When edits are made to an assigned item in Tasks, such as a change to the title, due date or completion state, those updates will show in the Doc, and vice versa.

Quick Summary

Google is making it even easier to use RSVPs in Google Calendar and let others know how you’re planning to join a meeting. 

You can now select a RSVP join method that’s powered by your working location, whether that’s joining in a particular meeting room or virtually. With the new RSVP option, Calendar will automatically update how you intend to join the meeting if your working location changes. In addition, your colleagues will now see your working location or out-of-office status directly in the guest list section of a Calendar event. 

We hope this feature improves how you and your colleagues utilize your planned working location for meetings and events, especially in a hybrid work environment. 

Quick Summary

Many utilize Office editing mode to collaborate on Microsoft Office files in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. 

Google is improving the notifications you see when editing a Microsoft Office-formatted file. 

Specific updates include: 

  • An Office-formatted warning symbol for compatibility details that will appear throughout your entire time within a document, spreadsheet, or slide deck. This indicates potential compatibility issues or if any Office features are unavailable.

Example of a document with compatibility issues

Example of a document without known compatibility issues 

  • An option to easily view and restore earlier versions of the document, spreadsheet, or slide deck. New options to view version history and restore a document 

New options to view version history and restore a document